Service Model

Aircraft Material Trade




One-stop Service
Professional, timely and in-place whole-process supply chain management
Value-added Services
  • Management Solutions
    Customized solutions for the whole-process supply chain management of aircraft consumable materials, to relieve customers’ pressure of high stock level, capital occupation and scrap risk.
  • Technical Support
    On & off-site technical support w/wo OEM specialists
  • Services
    24 Hours AOG service
  • Transportation
    Our reliable complete quality system and IT system enables us to provide quick and timely logistics service to meet customers’ demand on products with special requirements of transportation and storage.

Consulting Services

Tailor-made marketing strategy and implementation
  • Assist partners
    Pre-sales preparation

    Market analysis

    Strategic positioning

    Target customer selection

    Sales strategy development

  • Assist partners
    Sales operations

    Action plan development

    Customer's actual intention interpretation

    Sales plan details communication

  • Partners and customers
    Agreement signing

    Terms of agreement negotiation

    Signature process monitoring

  • After-sales support

    Basic technical problem solving

    On-site technical support coordinating

    Payment tracking